• Would you like to increase the value of your business?

  • Would you like to get your team all rowing in the same direction?

  • Would you like to get your team rowing in the RIGHT direction?

  • Would you like to create a corporate culture that drives employee engagement? 

  • Would you like to reduce turnover and create brand evangelists among your staff?

  • Would you like to create a business that is attractive to investors, buyers and employees? 

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We help companies increase their valuation by amplifying the most valuable intangible asset: people.

The NEW ROI team can assist your organization with increasing employee engagement, aligning your brand with your corporate culture, hiring and retaining the best talent and defining your corporate purpose, all while growing the value of the business. 

We can also measure the value of your business and intangible assets for a variety of purposes, including financial reporting, tax, insurance and strategic planning.

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Dave and the NEW ROI team are also available to speak at your next company event or conference. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Dave Bookbinder